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We are a full-service music education LLC providing students with opportunities in all genres of music. We specialize in training young musicians in performance, theory, composition, and technological music-making and production. We offer music lessons including: guitar, bass, drums/percussion, piano, and vocals. We teach our students to become first-rate musicians and performers and many of our students have moved on to rewarding performance careers and or are currently studying music at the university, conservatory, and business level. Using a technology-based approach, we are proud to offer to you a creative and energetic educational approach that unleashes the unlimited benefits of involvement in music and musical performance.



Musicians-inc is proud to announce that we are now located in the fabulous  Blue Room Productions Studio in Herndon, Virginia! Blue Room Productions, owned and operated by Conrad Osipowicz, is an incredible facility providing first rate recording, videography, music production. With the many performance opportunities our students have, we now offer everything a young developing player could ask for. There are NO limits! Located right off of the toll road, Blue Room Productions is easily accessible from the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas. Take the Dulles Toll Road going WEST to EXIT 10 HERNDON CHANTILLY EXIT. From there we are only minutes away!



Are you thinking about auditioning for a school musical? Contact us about vocal coaching. We have a 100% Success rate! 



OUR PHILOSOPHY: Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process. Without question, parental guidance, encouragement, and monitoring leads to higher student achievement. Students who show exceptional ability will be encouraged to pursue musical study at an advanced level. Musicians-Inc. provides study and performance opportunities in all musical genres leading to a productive and active involvement in higher-level musical study.Students will also be encouraged to explore other musical instruments other than their main concentration area. Each student possesses unique musical talents and involvement in more than one instrument is a sure way to becoming a valuable part of the musical community in the future. You can be assured that music education will be our first priority.