Mission Statement
Musicians-Inc. is dedicated to offering musicians the best in musical and performance training. Using a multi-genre based approach, our instructors personalize a step-by-step curriculum to develop each student’s unique musical skills and aptitudes. Students will be guided in a sequential methodology in order to properly develop their musical and performance skills. Each student will be presented with multiple paths with which to realize his or her unique potential. Using state of the art equipment, each student will be encouraged to reach beyond their perceived potential in order to develop a personal expression as a complete musician.

Musicians-Inc. is a safe, non-threatening environment where students are treated with respect. Each student is nurtured by social contact and creative energy that is a part of every member of our team. Positive reinforcement and mentoring will ensure progress in all areas of musicianship. Advanced students will be able to prepare for auditions at any conceivable level. Whether it be college, high school, middle school, or the conservatory, we can prepare the student to excel in the greatest of the performing arts: music.

Rehearsals provide the added benefit of cooperative learning and teamwork. Showcase performances develop important stage skills and help in developing confidence and increased musical expression. Regardless of your child’s future aspirations, the development of musical skill and performance adds artistic expression to the life of all of us. To be the creator and performer of such is an honor that is bestowed upon the dedicated and driven. Whether your child’s future is as a professional or amateur performer, you can be assured that your child will be prepared for the challenge.